I’m Rega. I live in Chennai. I am, despite occassional halfhearted attempts to escape this fate, a writer.

In my joyous decade-long media career, I’ve produced thousands—no, really, thousands—of pieces of writing in various formats, which live scattered around the web. These include lists, explainer videos, reportage, regrettable Twitter rants, memes, a children’s book and, most prominently, many, many essays. The best of this work is listed lower down on this page.

My most current writing lives in small scenes, my seasonal newsletter of personal essays, which you can subscribe to here.

I have, aside from writing, worked as the founder and editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed India, as a research associate for the non-profit The Banyan, and as an audience growth strategist for a handful of Indian media startups. I was also, briefly and unintentionally, something like an influencer—I came to my senses quickly, and now send my pout-pose selfies directly to my mother and 5 best friends, each of whom’s approval outweighs a hundred thousand strangers’.

To offer me writing work, or send praise or reading recommendations, you can find me at regajha@gmail.com. To keep up with my new writing, find me on Twitter, Instagram, or Substack. Criticism, meanwhile, should be whispered into a freshly bloomed bougainvillea bract on a full moon night. It’ll reach me. I swear.

Thank you for reading,

email me at regajha@gmail.com